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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Right now

          Lyrics dedicated to my inspiration :)

Every day when I wake up in the morning....I see the bright sun shine that wasn't seen for some time .... I go reeling under your  know, now you are my heart .... you are the one, I waited for to be with me; 
          I feel like painting the sky now,with every possible hue right now....hold me I cant stop from  flying ! 
 When I rise every day I see the sun smiling...I know its your love...that makes the sun smile heart ,you changed my life ....I want you to hear my heart pounding that you soaked in your love;
           I feel like flying right now,towards the sky right now....hold me I cant stop from flying !
 Every day now when I see you smiling.....I feel like kissing your eyes now and give you a little surprise .....I write a few lines and dedicate to you , my love.

          copy right(c)alka narula
          photo credit


  1. ईस बेहतरीन रचना पे बधाई स्वीकारे

  2. Wow..interesting..this really looks like a Early Morning writing..but then i realize u have written it around noon time.

  3. ...a trip to the moon and back...

  4. Such a nice poem-full of happiness,love & life!

  5. awesume ......loved it :) :)

  6. awww thats such a beautiful poem and beautiful expression of ure feelings!!

    loev it


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