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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Desert Rose

When I think about flowers , apart from their beauty and fragrance there are a whole lot of things about them that have intoxicating effect on me .Once in a while  I love to play around with their names as well and the outcome is   astonishing  symphony  Here is a piece woven with variety of flowers  (In Caps) and I hope you will love it too. #desertrose #flowerpower #namesofflowers


A ring of Rose and Marigold
Is all that I have on my mind
Like a Bird of Paradise
I stroll
Forget Me Not
I am Foxglove
But names can be deceptive
Indeed I am as tender as vine

A string of  Prim Rose and Willows
Is all that I can see
They are spread over miles
A white Rock Rose and Chrysanthemums
Are are the only folks
I have known
Who I presume
Have known that I am like a juvenile

The satin robe that I adorn
May appears Mock Orange at night
In real it glows like Morning Glory
And is a shade of whites
The Silver Lace on my eyes
Don't mistake it for dew
It is a string of Tuberose
That I embraced for ever and for life

The ringlets of Blazing Stars
And Heliconias
Which are as blue as Lupines
May appear to you like Foliage
But in real are my braids
That fall all over on my face
Are my hideaway and my escape
For I am too shy

Can you hold your breath for a while
For I am now a little aroused
The fragrance of  Rings of Cloves
In accomplice with
The daisies around my neck that I adorn
Too have become  gentle like never before
It appears to me like a conspiracy of Cosmos
Did I see someone behind Anemones

The  nearing sound of spring
And dancing Black Eyed Susan
The whiff of Cocks Comb
I beg of you to understand
I am struggling to remain afloat
The sand underneath my soles
Is quick though there are no slopes
I seem to have got intoxicated
By the fragrance of Rings of Cloves

Oh The one hiding behind Anemone
I know you and so does my soul
I care not anymore
Whether you conspired or Cosmos
But when you do away with  my Foliage and satin robe
And the Daisies I adorn
When you make love to me on quick sand
Please ensure that no one gets to hear us moan
Nor the sound of symphony of our touching toes
Though my name is Foxglove
I don't care if you call me Desert Rose

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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

You and Me - Lyrics

"You and Me "  Lyrics 
When I started penning down the words I didn't know what I was going to write but I surely could have gone on and on . I hope you like it too. #youandme #lyrics #song


Hold me tight
In your arms
While I sleep

Keep me warm 
In your arms
Till the crack of  dawn
When the sun begins to play hide and seek

Did I hear you say
You are in love 
You want to be with me

I am the one
You would want
To spend
The rest of your life with  me and only me

Can you go on
Keep saying "I am in love with you "
I am the one you have been waiting for so long

On this beautiful night
When it's only you and me
While the world is lost
In a dreamland that is fallacious and full of deciet

Keep me warm
In your arms
Till the crack of dawn
When the sun begins to play hide and seek

Did I feel your body
Rise and 
Fall with the tide that is me

Can you go on
Play with my body and soul
I need no yarn
I love the feel of your breath all over me

My nakedness 
Just whispered 
It feels like heaven when you touch and play with my cords

Can you play on 
Play the music with your breath and my cords
Till our bodies have synchronized
Till it becomes hard to  severalize between you and me 

The beautiful night
Has begun to hide 
It seems to be shying away from you and me

Do I care
As long it's you and me
And we strike a musical cord
Our bodies are twined and they need no yarn 

We need no domicile to hide
Just keep us warm
Until it's dawn and the sun decides to cast it's bane

When the night is gone
And you are left with no choice
But to disappear in the thin air
Because the light is too bright for you and me

Just go on
Play with my each and every cord
Keep me warm And keep saying it's only me that you want 

Just go on and on and on 

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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Halo - The torrid storm

Halo the luminous ring  has always  fascinated me. One may call it aura for me it can have several meanings. . Here is a piece of poetry , illusionary though but surrounding a halo.


I closed my eyes
To welcome a beautiful smile
But it surprised me with a halo
A halo that  kissed my face and my eyes
Drenched me with  beautiful colors of life
That I couldn't see beyond the halo
I fluttered my eyes
Tried to speak to halo that night
But it surprised me even more
It took me in it's arms
Danced me in the air full of romance
I got swept with torrid storm that appeared like a halo
I tried to touch
I tried to feel
The torrid storm that came dressed like a halo
I heard it utter a few words that spelt my name
Aghast I tried to hear them again
I heard it whisper " Will never let you go "
I felt my cheeks get drenched
My eyes  had started to rain
I tried to hold on to  tears that rolled
Down my face
While I melted in that gentle embrace
The embrace that left me dazed


I tried to undo my hair
But the tide was so high and passionate
I realized  it might just make  me fall
I might let go the storm
If I tried to do so
It's time to hear the whispers
It's time to hear my name
Over and over again
Though It may come from torrid storm
The storm that has come dressed like a halo
That might disappear when the morning glory smiles
The smile that appears
When the sun rises
I immersed in it's arms
I did not try to look beyond
I allowed the magical light
To take over

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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Cascading in love

 I often  wonder what is love ? A strong emotion perhaps which is hard to express but at some or the other point of life we all get swayed by this strong emotion . Several poets have woven this feeling in the form of words and from time to time I pour it out as well . Here is another piece of poetry on love.  #poetry #poem #poetryonlove
It's always nice to have someone in your life that makes you smile even when they are not around

He kissed my eyes
And everything around me turned hazy
He held me tight
The wind went out of it's mind
And became crazy
It began to pierce through me
While I was cuddled up
In his velvety arms

I felt something is not right
But everything around me appeared so hazy
His breath had turned me blind
It pained but I had no tears in my eyes
The frenzy of night turned so hazy
While he placed his lips over mine
He rolled over me against the wind
And became a bulwark

The sparkling stars in the night
I could not see
The cascading moon in the sky
I could not see
The casting shadows of vines
Too disappeared
The crazy wind too became polite and began to recede
It became gentle amid the insane storm

Like a fairy in the night
I began to feel
Like a mermaid from deep blue sea
I felt like I have received
What I have been waiting for all my life
I began to float without wings or fins
Gallopped mid air and at times in deep blue sea
But gory life put everything on halt

I opened my eyes
Only stars I could see
I fluttered my lids
The cascading moon too appeared
But the wind was still subtle
And whispered in my ear
He has gone and has disappeared
His caresses and fragrance were all gone

Every night my never ending gaze
Amid chilling silence of night
I silently stare
And try to peer through the obsidian
Through the grey
But the raven and ebony only seem to play
I wonder when would wind blow once again
Pierce me through and give me immense pain

In the pleasure of that pain
I wait to gain
The caress and that embrace
That I longed for days
Though the panorama
I may not be able to see
But being swept off my feet
Is the only dream

Call me distraught
Call me insane
You can address me as frenzied by fate
But do I care
I can not share
The pleasure in pain
That I ought to gain

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Monday, 17 August 2015

More and More

Poetry on love

Love is an amazing feeling that we all crave for

I can see the rainbow
The hues are bright
They peer through the rain though
Love me like
You never loved me ever before

is like
A mushy pill
It gives grueling pain though
Lie by my side
Stroke my hair like you  never stroked them ever before

My tell tale eyes
Speak to them
They may look away
When you try to read them though
But I swear by my smile
You are the Eros I have been waiting for

I may ask for
A little time
I may try to run away
My heart may want to stay on though
Hold me tight
My face may turn a little pale though

The stars in my eyes
Don't recognise
Who you are
Where you are from though
But the thirst in my smiles
Want you to give me more and more

Dress me up
With your warm breath
Bathe me with your eyes
My clothes may get drenched though
Feel my lips with your tender smile
Paint them with your fragrance till they ask for more and more

And ask you to hold your smile
To feel my tender lips
Though they may appear to have never tasted a breath before
The jig saw of life
Shatter it apart
And make me believe  in love that I never ever experienced before

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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Poetry of the day-"Your thoughts become your reality"

"Your Thoughts become your reality " is inspired by The Secret Law of Universe that you can manifest your desires by power of your thoughts                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Featured in


Midnight blue
The star like shine
But satanic were the hues....................................... 
For more please visit the link  and do leave a comment good bad or ugly!
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Sunday, 4 January 2015

State-of-the-art " Poetry of the day "

After a long time few lines on love , love in Robert Fulghum's words " I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge. That myth is more potent than history. That dreams are more powerful than facts. That hope always triumphs over experience. That laughter is the only cure for grief. And I believe that love is stronger than death."
#lovequotes #poetryonlove #lovepoem

#lovequotes #poetryonlove #lovepoem Alka-Narula
I tried to run away
I tried to shun
The feelings so strong
So that I could  restraint my heart
Before it got dismayed
Feel weak in its knees
If I let free the door
That leads to my heart
My heart that sleeps in the darkness
Detached from the other souls

My spiritual guide
Came in my way
Took me in it's arms
Spoke to me while I frowned
Gave me a piece of advice
And said " Open your arms
Welcome the sun ,before it goes down
Because healing your heart will be an arduous job
Life is full of surprises
Open the door that has sored"

I persuaded my heart
That lay deep in the dark
I tried to refute
And tried to prove "The fears are all false"
I convinced my heart to open the door
To this new visitor's knock
Who whispered to my soul
"I can communicate with the chimes
Which lie hushed up within thine
And can make them play the melody
If I you allow me in and open the door "

The welcome smile on my face
I can't hide I have failed
His arrival to grace my life
Is true
But with time I shall be able to say
The unique visitor in my life
Was conventional
Or is a state-of-the-art
Who  had a fake smile
Or is still adorned by the walls of my heart.

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Thursday, 25 December 2014

Soulful Sage

Soulful Sage is inspired by the famous lines by Albert Pike , It's about our unwarranted fears that attract negative energy , It's about the ultimate truth of life that the soul never dies and the only way to thrive in the perpetual cycle of birth and death is “We must pass through the darkness, to reach the light.” and to reach the light we mist overcome our fears , be positive in our approach towards life  as it is our ability to attract positive energy during the dark phases of life that makes the journey easier to accomplish . And not to forget life is a theatre we are here to perform and go when our role is over.


Pass through the darkness
I owe it
I can't escape
To reach the brilliant side
I must cross the maze

My tear drops
My heart throbs
My breath
My wonderful gait
The sensual smile of my face

No it is not an illusion
Nor is a hallucination
Look through my eyes
To gauge the authenticity
I am not playing games

I wore a garb
The one that was not too dark
For I learnt a secret
How to reach out to the universe
That hears you out only if you praise

I try to find no faults
I am done with my frowns
I have begun to love myself
I have accepted myself the way I am
I don't care about the notorious glares

The blindfold on my eyes
I didn't tie
It was tied by a soulful sage
Who showed me how to crawl
And how to walk through the enormous maze

You don't exist
Neither does the sorrow
Nor does the pain
No more you rein

You no more are in my thoughts
You no more can haunt
This flesh that I call my body
It is dead though it may appear animate
That I can shed and disappear

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Monday, 21 July 2014

Poetry of the day - "Two Yards Of Terrain "

My featured poetry on #hubpages

Poetry of the day - "Two Yards Of Terrain" is inspired by one of the teachings of "The Bhagvad Gita " which follows :

“What did you lose that you cry about? What did you bring with you, which you think you have lost? What did you produce, which you think got destroyed? You did not bring anything - whatever you have, you received from here. Whatever you have given, you have given only here. Whatever you took, you took from God. Whatever you gave, you gave to him. You came empty handed, you will leave empty handed. What is yours today, belonged to someone else yesterday, and will belong to someone else the day after tomorrow. You are mistakenly enjoying the thought that this is yours. It is this false happiness that is the cause of your sorrows.”
To read more please visit the link
#writingpoetry #quote #poetryoftheday #bhagvadgita #hindu #hinduism #gita

Few moments away from being carried by the soil
Few flowers you placed will be washed away by the storm
The fancy garb I adorn will remain buried in the ground
My memories will fade in days to come

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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Poetry of the day " Miracle Of Life "

My second hub " Miracle Of Life " featured in Hub Pages . Miracle of life , a piece of poetry inspired by famous quote "You have to take risks.We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen." - Paulo Coelho

To read more visit the link

#inspirationalquote #writingpoetry #inspirationalpoetry #poem


                                                         Can you see the stains of fire
                                                        Or eagle eyed I have become
                                                               Or In burning desire
                                                           Indistinct I have become !

For more please visit the link
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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Slaves Of Power - poetry of the day

" Slaves Of Power" is inspired by day to day situation of the world , where people fight for power,materials,and in the name of religion. #writing poetry #poem


Towards the glorious realm
Deafened by a foray of silence
I move tight lipped
In a cloud of mist
Can't hear the Chimes or Adhan
All that I see is us in an identical shade
And some one behind the cloud
Roared right now
Let me share what he had to say
"Welcome to my sphere
Now you don't need to fear
All those gory slaves
Lured by greed and power
Their rise will fade
When I decide to erase
Their distinctiveness
When they will either be
Render to flames
Or made to lie
Buried in the ground
When they will be in no state
To feel the hunger for power
To  utter an order
When they will have no face
Nor shall they be remembered with grace
The world shall celebrate
When they become extinct
And enter my terrain
Bleed through their eyes
To watch their peers in pain
But will have no say"
"Admire the beauty of my power
Your memories fade
Until few births you take
And come out chaste
From your terrain
And rise above materialistic powers
And come to known as my child
Until then its a fight for you
For an embrace
You can not escape
Seven cycles of life
Those were made
For you to shine like a paragon
A gem that I would treasure "

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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

' Struggle For Survival '-The Editor's Choice on" HubPages"

My very first article "Poetry of the Day - Struggle for Survival " inspired by Mahatma Gandhi's famous quote "Live like you were to doe  tomorrow, Learn like there is no tomorrow " .  not only got featured but got picked up for The Editor's Choice on Hub Pages today , not that its the first time that an article of mine  got picked up for" The Editor's Choice" but this one is quite significant for the simple reason one really needs  to struggle through  levels to reach the
' Featured " at HubPages but to get picked up for "The Editor's Choice " one has to qualify the set criteria , which is  not an easy task . It takes good 4 hours to get to the " published " level  and if the post has slightest of error or poor content it remains  pending for approval till it's edited to meet the minimum standard maintained by the HubPages , in simple words you have to quality content to be published on Hub Pages lowest level and reaching the top certainly is like  a feather in the hat !

Here's the link to my post " Poetry of The Day -Struggle for Survival " It's  inspirational poetry and my inspiration behind writing this post was none other than Father of the Nation , Mahatma Gandhi's famous quote , here  is the link to "Live like you were to die  tomorrow,learn like there's no tomorrow" followed by the criteria to make it to Editor's Choice copy pasted below  .Please do press the like button or leave a comment good, bad or ugly just let me know that you were there !  #Quote   #writingpoetry #MahatmaGandhi  #HubPages

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An Editor’s Choice accolade is in the works!

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Monday, 2 June 2014

Rings Of Smoke

Experiencing sadness and anger can make you feel more creative, and by being creative, you can get beyond your pain or negativity. #Yoko Ono

My wings were on fire
But I couldn't see the flames
Walking down on the streets
Unable to hear the sound of its footfall
I walked in the shadow of smokey rings
And  I thought
 " Its going to rain "
I didn't know
" Who could I ask "
If the showers were real
Or  they are fake

On a beautiful day
When I thought
It's time to walk away
From the " Rings of Power "
With the only thought
" I am no more its slave "
I cruised down the streets
With the only thought
In my heart
I am free
I don't need to think of my past

The tears that rolled down my cheeks
Began to recede
I followed a beautiful dream
That I didn't know
" That won't last"
I vent open my desires
They spoke to my heart
Named me " blindfolded "
Who couldn't see the fire
Driven by desires
 Mistook my pyre for a dream
The ring of smoke for a cloud that would rain

Such is life
Standing on the threshold
With my dreams
My sunken eyes
Can't even see 
The difference between " the fire
And the showers of rain"
The difference between "the pleasure
And unbearable pain "
Therefore all my dreams
I put you away " I prefer to be callous"

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Friday, 23 May 2014

My Entry For Have You Ever Written Poetry

Poetry is the chiseled marble of language; it's a paint-spattered canvas - but instead of paint the poet uses words to paint, and in the whole process you become the canvas. One should not shackle poetry with definitions. Poetry is not a frail and cerebral old woman, Poetry is stronger than one thinks. Poetry is imagination and will break those chains faster than you can say "Harlem Renaissance." Though there are several definitions for poetry but defining poetry is like grasping at the wind - once you catch it, it's no longer wind.There are as many definitions of poetry as there are poets. Wordsworth defined poetry as "the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings;" Emily Dickinson said, "If I read a book and it makes my body so cold no fire ever can warm me, I know that is poetry;" and Dylan Thomas defined poetry this way: "Poetry is what makes me laugh or cry or yawn, what makes my toenails twinkle, what makes me want to do this or that or nothing." and my definition of poetry is " The poetry does not need to necessary rhyme but each word should be a poem in itself " One of the most definable characteristics of the poetic form is economy of language. Poets are miserly and unrelentingly critical in the way they dole out words to a page. Carefully selecting words for conciseness and clarity is standard, even for writers of prose, but poets go well beyond this, considering a word's emotive qualities, its musical value, its spacing, and yes, even its spacial relationship to the page. The poet, through innovation in both word choice and form, seemingly rends significance from thin air.#writingpoetry #indispire

Have you ever written poetry? What was your first poem called? Do you believe that poetry is really a 'spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings'?

Though I agree with you when you ask is poetry a " spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings " but I would like to add  a little more to it " Poetry not only is spontaneous overflow of  powerful feelings but also the strong flow of emotions that can take others along with the flow "

Though I started scribbling two liners at a very young age but the lines below titled " Tuberose Under My Pillow " , I feel are my first few words that I could think of calling a beginners poetry.

                                                          Tuberose Under My Pillow

                                                                      Was that a saviour 
                                                              Freaking me out  in my dream 
                                                                   I looked under the pillow.
                                                                     Lay some tube rose,
                                                           Some silver and some moccasin !!
                                                                          Am I illusion
                                                    Or is it a hallucination powered by my dream
                                           But tube rose under the pillow are real and smell sweet!

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Thursday, 22 May 2014

A Beautiful Morning for me

Quote from Romeo Juliet #quotes #romeo #juliet
I fear, too early: for my mind misgives
Some consequence yet hanging in the stars
Shall bitterly begin his fearful date
With this night's revels and expire the term
Of a despised life closed in my breast
By some vile forfeit of untimely death.

And now a few lines on pain please read on .....

I fell in your arms
I thought I could live forever in the swing
Your  lips were too soft
I thought I could forever communicate with them
In your eyes and in your arms
I galloped though I had not a single wing on me

Your face had that charm
That I had never seen and I don't wish to see again
Your musk was so strong
It took me no time to sweep me off my feet
Your palms were so warm
I thought they could never let go off me

I knealed before the storm
I said " let me sustain with him"
It blew the rocks into pieces
Those were stronger than me
It left abruptly without an alarm
To comeback to shock me one evening

I thought its about to rain
But the clouds left without a warning for me
I mistook the sound of the dark
I thought it was the Nightingale singing for me
The stars too disappeared in the dark
I thought they were preparing to welcome the morning

I failed once again to recognise the warnings
Could you speak to me " Oh Dark"
Why do you keep coming back to me
Why don't you tell the rain to shower on me
Can you speak to stars
And tell them I am yearning for " A Beautiful Morning "

Though every thing seemed like a dream in the dark
But you all failed me
You failed me because you never cared for me
Like a withered twig in your palms
 " Oh my fate " in your arms
I failed
For all of you have conspired and are bent upon to blow me off my feet

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Away From My Destiny and My Fate

Traditional usage defines #fate as a power or agency that predetermines and orders the course of events. Fate defines events as ordered or "inevitable" and unavoidable. Classical and European mythology features three goddesses dispensing fate, known as Moirai in Greek mythology, as Parcae in Roman mythology, and as Norns in Norse mythology. They determine the events of the world through the mystic spinning of threads that represent individual human fates. In Islam, fate or qadar is the decree of Allah.And #destiny is used with regard to the finality of events as they have worked themselves out; and to that same sense of "destination", projected into the future to become the flow of events as they will work themselves out.

“Fate is like a strange, unpopular restaurant filled with odd little waiters who bring you things you never asked for and don't always like.” ― Lemony Snicket

I didn;t say I am  happy in my lonely self
Nor should you say I am trying to tread away from the realism

On an aisle all by myself
Now when I have begun to feel tired of wallowing sounds

I look at my body the way it is dressed
I realise its close to triumph boulevard

Let me walk pass the life that appears to be dead
Find an avenue that is quiet a place for me to zen

My beautiful loneliness you have been my only aide
Now find me a place where I can rest

The smokey clouds I can smell
They seem to like the night the way it is bejewelled

I can see the rainbow wear a smile over its depressed face
Behind the clouds it shines since I told you to look for a place

A place for me to dwell
Away from the reach of my destiny and my fate

I tried hard to negotiate with my life
But it was as stubborn as was my destiny and my fate

Let me bid farewell and dishonour the fate
It was not too kind though I did everything for it to change

Don't  fear the dark and don't look so tensed
I know few teardrops will roll down some eyes but with time they will wane

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Monday, 17 March 2014


 Few lines on deceit ....


                                                         You said " You love"
                                                  Didn't you know " love is pious
                                                      Not meant to be abused
                                                            Nor to be used
                                                            For selfish gains
                                                 So spell not those words again

                                             Your treacherous, perfidious ways
                                            You should know " Will destroy you "
                                                    You will pay for your sins
                                        Though you may try to wash your hands of
                                                       You are being watched
                                                               Some day
                                                  You will be taken off guard
                                                          Come what may

                                              You created a place in my heart
                                          Pretended to be Siebog ( God of love)
                                                     Your intentions were all wrong
                                                           I ignored let go
                                              Because I didn't want  blood bath
                                                       To stain my palms
                                         The stains would have been as hideous
                                                      As your odious face
                                        That you conceal with your gentle ways
                                               But I saw through your evil skills
                                         That know how to caste a witchcraft
                                                       But sooner or later
                                                     The world will know
                                              Your malefic and malevolent
                                                           Vicious face
                                           As the venom does have a shade
                                                   That shows with time
                                                  And not let the culprit
                                                            Get away
                                              But show you the gateway
                                       And you will be mowed and churned
                                                    By his savage slaves
                                                       And show you
                                           When the spell of curse casts
                                            That comes from a true heart
                                                      That you ignored
                                              And tread to reach the top
                                                     Your eyes will roll
                                              That's the time you will realise
                                  When your screams will go unheard and in vain

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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Source Of Life

Few lines inspired by ― famous quote   “Light is creation. Darkness is the space necessary to create.” Erica Jasmin Cartaya

The splash of water turned me blue
Woke me up made me cuckoo 
Exasperated I flipped out became schizo
The sound of shower irked me too

The splash of shower once again
Erased the frowns from my face
Wiped my tears with tremendous grace
Those were about to soil my face

Suddenly something turned me inside out
When I felt the droplets of water trickle down my face
I saw the sunshine smile through the rain
Before I could lose my mind and become insane

The rose on my lips smiled once again
When I saw the rainbow in the rain
I realised this is how the life is meant to be
The source of life lies in the darkness though we long for the bright day 

The nights are meant to end up to give way to the day
And the bright sunshine  must merge in the darkness of the night
Light is only a creation 

And the darkness is the space necessary to create

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Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Life is like that , some times it makes you angry at times happy I often write on love and anguish but for a change penned down a few lines on strength or probably anger . Well I leave it to my readers to decide ...

You played with my heart
Spoke to my lonely soul
You turned the key
Flung open the door
When you wrote on the walls
Lit up the dark room
You conquered my soul
That lay within the layers safe and secure
You claimed you are the messenger of life
My only ray of hope
Your unstoppable smiles
Smooth velvet touch and strokes
Your vows and your oaths
They only spoke of your devotion towards my soul
I walked few miles
Couldn't keep my eyes off your smiles
My leanings from life
Told me there's hidden aim behind and that too in loads
My suspicious eyes were out to find
What made god  become so kind that he forgot his swearword
That made me walk pass your life
And spot the skeleton and ghosts
By now I had realised 
You are a faux a mere hoax
I took a back stride
Gaped  at every thread of your  well knit mold
Before  I am gone I must pour 
You are a juvenile ,not worth a thought nor worth a blow
You are one of those stepping stones those I climb
That make me strong like a rock that needs no shore
One venal like you I cross in my life
Only blesses me with strength of hundreds of stallions
You will only watch me gallop and achieve my goals
While you sulk and walk soft on the roads

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Monday, 6 January 2014

All That Glitters Is Not Gold


                                 Live I must ,Strive I must ,Rise I must
                                           In dust devil , In turbulence
                                        Its the rule of life I must obey
                                                       I realised
                                         The course of wind can change
                                 Thrive I must , fly I must , remain alive I must
                                         Amongst uncanny slaves of life
                                           Few can put zephyr to shame
                                                   I sensed , I smelt
                                                   The prevailing wind
                                           That no more smells of you
                                     Neither it speaks of your beguile persona
                                      So has your appearance become strange
                                            My perceptive towards life
                                                  You have changed
                                          Like a snow clad mountain
                                                        I stood
                                           Strong above the woods
                                       Like a fjord you made your way
                                         Raked up the soil to navigate
                        Neither it seems you cared nor you appear to be ashamed
                                          Deafening silence , I  understood
                                             A piece of advice it gave
                                            All that glitters is not gold
                               When the things appear too perfect to be true
                                               Don;t get carried away
                                       Rather look for the chastity of that wave
                                              I looked , I did not get hooked
                                                   To glitter and glaze
                                           Your diligent ways gave away
                                  And I found out before I could have lost myself
                                                         In the maze
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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Pearl of Wisdom

Ney , Tabor Pipe , Vuvuzela , Serpent , Tubax and Piccolo are musical instruments from across the world They all are wind blown and have some kind of a resonator or resonators . And here they form a beautiful piece of poetry with their sound .

Can you sing along
Can you jive with me tonight
Can you make me feel like a Ney
Can you make me feel I am the only one in your life

Can you come so close
That your breath can caress mine
And hold me like a 
Hold me like tabor pipe   when you kiss my lips tonight

Do you feel infatuated
Looking at my beautiful Serpent coils
Then stroke them gently
But be a little careful when you put them aside

Look around
I am the only one who  can hear you breathe tonight
Like a  Tubax
Whisper to my lips when you place them on mine

Come close I want to share a secret
A pearl of wisdom if you don't mind
Don't lose me
I am the only Piccolo who can sing to you all life

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