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Friday, 13 January 2012

An open invitation for chorus

Recently i posted a duet composed by me and my fellow blogger thousif razza and was overwhelmed with the response that particular post received,so it struck me just now going through some wonderful comments why not we post a chorus this is an open invitation to all those who feel they have a knack for poetry or if they even want to make an attempt can join me in this chorus.I have given the head start in the post you can post your lines  along with your blog link in my mment box,this is how it works.for eg x gives a continuation to my lines in the comment box,then z gives continuation to the lines of x and so on and in the end i take all the lines given in the comment box make an entire post out of it along with the name of the person who has written those specefic lines and also please leave your blog link so that i can post that too:) the invitation is open till 16/01/2012.Look forward to your comments.

please believe me life has just begun and together we can make it a  heaven if we want..... the sun is smiling  and the moon light has a hidden message for us ,that we can read if we are together from now on.


  1. That is what we said 40 years ago. And thankfully we can reiterate the same lines even now though there were patches of discord which you would like to talk about and discard..

  2. togetherness is indeed a KEY to everything .. not just the nature but to every other social problems we have .. if each one gets us and does one thing .. world will be a beautiful place to live in ..

    all the best with the jugalbandi :)


  3. we shall be together from now on ,till the sun shines and the moon guides us like guiding star.

  4. Cause I am dying to try and find a way you can can be the air I breathe... You looked deep into me as we lay together quiet in the grasp of dusk and summer.... But I'm yours if you want, and I can be yours to spend your life with. I can be .... The sun is coming up, the day has just begun and that we can love if we are together from now on.

  5. But I am in a hurry , if I dont find the space to tell
    And as the flowers sway and the moon rise up again
    But I am in a hurry , if I dont find the space to tell
    that small word that would sway the floor beneath your feet
    That sound of peace and queer wind that would melt the room
    But I am in a hurry , if I dont find the space to tell
    the snowy calm get melt, as the moon light peep
    and there is music of life that we together swim

  6. Together we shall be from now,
    Can’t let even a day pass anyhow.
    Together is possible only with u,
    Coz I just can’t imagine a life without u.
    Together we will welcome the rising sun,
    And will continue this togetherness for years to come.
    Together we will ignite the dark night,
    Cuddling our dreams under the romantic moonlight.
    Together we shall live each day,
    My love, this is a sweet message I want to convey…..

  7. to convey these lines I reach for my soul,
    something that happens after surrendering me whole.

    Where you are is oft out of my reach...
    yet time flies by as oft as they preach.

    To smile every time I remember your smile,
    a tear drop I shed to bridge that every mile.

  8. Though we are now torn apart
    I look and always find you in my heart

    The miles don,t bother me anymore
    For you are now a part of my core

  9. I look towards the shore,
    and sometimes its a bore,
    just like you were!

    Now, gone that you are,
    I need someone else to score,

    (Sorry, for ruining the theme, I just couldn't control :D)

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. it was gr8 experience to have such a wonderful chorus!!! It would be gr8 to see the full compiled version of the same rather than the comments version....

    Once again....m so happy to be a part of it...credits to u!!!

  12. thank u all for your comments i will be compiling the post soon and posting here:)


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