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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

blogger award liebster

This is my second and third blogger award and am truly honoured as its been given to me by Andy whos poetry i admire so much and often wonder what his inspiration for writing is. You can read his blog here Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn...  once again Andy a biiiigggggggggg thank you:) and also by elvira lobo whos talent for describing a picture with poetry or just simple poetry is beyond words you can read her blog here its my life thank you sooooooooooooo much elvira once again.
I am combining the two liebster blog awards i have recieved individually from andy and elvira:)hence the dual award logo:)
The rules of accepting the award are as follows back to the person who gave you the award
2.pick 5people you want to share the award with and notify them on their blogs the award on your blog and spread the love

Well quite honestly i dont think i am in a position to review and award anyones blog as am new aroun here myself  and am 8months away from my blogoversary,morover i would like to give 62awards as all those following my blog and all those whos blogs i am following are really award worthy its very difficult for me to decide.So in a random order i am giving the award,i am sorry if i missed giving someone the award but i promise i will do so the next time i recieve an award:)

heres the list of the awardees

 nuktaa for To think or Not to...
beyond for SOLILOQUIES - Beyond Few Words
thousif raza for *
r phoenix for The rPhoenix's altar...!
leo paw for bigbitz
bikramjit for Me and My Random Thoughts
sujatha sathya for Conversations
akshay kumar g for The Eternal Fighter, The Ultimate Comeback Kid!
raj for A beautiful mind!!
ajay aggarwal for FREEZED MOMENTS

now i need to inform bye:)
p.s. i have tried not to award to all the fellow bloggers who i have previously my apologies for that its just because i wanted to pass on the award to everyone equally:)


  1. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..

    let me congratulate you first for getting this award before i say yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy again I got it toooooooooooo

    thank you thank you :)


  2. Congratulations, Alka. This is a recognition of your heartfelt and honest writing.

  3. Congratz Alka...
    Thank you for the nomination. It's honor to receive it from some1 whom and whose works I always admire. It's an honor and I accept it with a bow!

    1. Thank you Alka

      for having readitt in your list

    2. leo paw thank you so much and congrats to u too:)
      readitt the pleasure is mine:)

  4. Congratzzzz for ur Award....i am honoured and elated for ur kind words:)

  5. Firstly congrats Alka, what could be more special than your words reaching the hearts, the passion in your words and it is undying..

    Secondly, thanks but apologies as I could not continue the trend, Soliloquies is devoted to her, nothing mine. Thanks again..

    1. beyond thank you:)and no issues at all i jus wanted u to have the award whether u carry forward or not is ur personal job is done:)u r my nominee:)hehe

  6. congrats on the awards

    and thanks for remembering me :)

  7. Congratulations Alka for the award. You deserve it, very happy for you. And thank you so much for nominating me, happy and humbled by your kind gesture. :)

  8. Sweet Alka,
    Congratulations on your double awards and thank you for accepting mine (smile).
    May you receive many more awards in the days, weeks, months & years to come (smile).

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn

  9. Congrats Alka!

  10. Thank you soooooooooooo much Amit.

  11. alka congrats,may u win many more.

  12. Congrats! Hope u win more

  13. Congratulations Alka. You have an amazing talent in writing and I immensely enjoy your posts. :)

    Thank you soooo much for the award. I am deeply honored. :)


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